Impressive Television!

Being completely sick of television is impossible. We return back to it. Maybe to kill time, maybe to watch a cricket match, maybe because we don’t want to watch a movie. Whatever the reason, its hard to get TV out of our lives.

Recently I found a couple of really good channels to watch…and they are national networks, we all get them on our set top boxes for free!

DD Bharati and Lok Sabha TV

While DD Bharati is a entertainment channel, Lok Sabha TV is an informative and current affairs network. True, the production quality is typically DD, but the content is what really matters.

The list of programming on Bharati includes Bharat Ek Khoj, Ghalib, shows on theatre, North-East, cultural events etc. Please be patient and watch some of the shows that match your interest. Its like watching a really good documentary.

On LS TV, there are debates on issues ranging from Anna to 2G. The speakers represent both sides of the coin and surprisingly it is not about the State’s propaganda. And to top it all, the weekend movies are great! (without ads too!) They showed Garam Hawa on independence day, that’s saying something.

Here’s a link to LS TV schedule.

If TV is for killing time, try seeing these networks and indulge in some ‘constructive’ killing.

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