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the earlier thread already has 220 comments! I think a new thread might better serve this purpose! No comments should be added to this thread just yet. These will be deleted. In the meantime I have kept the older thread open. I am reproducing the body of the older post here..

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Is it nepotism only when established actors do it or does hyperbolically praising one’s buddies at every turn also count as such? Proclaiming a film like Rockstar more or less a work of genius or suggesting Shanghai is so great and the director so self-evidently India’s best that there cannot even be a debate on this! I shall of course remember to not bring up Adoor Gopalakrishnan in this discussion forget lesser mortals like Bala and so on.

Is it about being gutsy and “ballsiest” only when one wants to support the filmmakers to praise the films…

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  1. I guess we all have tried to discuss this but this guy puts words to our thoughts. ‘Corrupt’ is all I managed to define Anurag of late, but this elaborates it.

  2. I agree with most of what he says….i.e. if you want to make change…why not take the onus
    and more importantly…when u know ur better/skilled/knowledgeable at some level u need to share,educate,promote dialgoue…only then will art/talent grow

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