Review: Harud, a film by Aamir Bashir

A loud siren penetrates the heavy air at exactly 3.10 in the morning. My heart skips a beat. Muscles at the back of my leg twitch with fearful surprise. My eyes open, then close like a dreamy interval. I am not in Kashmir. And this is no ID parade line-up call. It is a simple... Continue Reading →


Review: Saving Face

Saving Face, the Oscar award winning short documentary by Daniel Junge and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a film that touches the heart and leaves a deep seated helplessness in the soul. The film appeals to the logical, educated and ‘civilized’ human conscious for a sound reason as to why a hundred odd men in Pakistan, and... Continue Reading →

It was yet another hot, dusty and humid day. The drudgery of my job was making it seem more horrible than it was. I was just waiting for the hands of the clock to strike the right pose and indicate that it was time for me leave behind this world of slavery and head home.... Continue Reading →

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