Samskara (Impressions)

Synopsis The impressions of past thoughts and actions, Samskara, is the title of a story of a woman who has been split open into past and present. For, her mind is constantly mixing the two as, the haunter and the haunted. If her past haunts her, she runs to present and present presses her to... Continue Reading →


Making A Short Film

We recently took on the challenge of making a film in 48 hours for the 48 Hour Film Project, Delhi chapter. We have made a couple of films before, but nothing too worthy or too up-to-the-mark. This was an opportunity to pressure ourselves and come up with something novel, and interesting, in just two days.... Continue Reading →

agla station

The master of suspense, gave us many techniques that are now common in films. The Vertigo shot or track in zoom out, the gaze etc.

This is our amateurish  tribute to the master….a doff of the hat. We shot this, while killing some time at the Chemre Monastery. We tracked a bus from one of the windows in the monastery’s courtyard, watch the bus go up a winding road.




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Review: In April The Following Year, There Was A Fire

Memoir. Documentary. Fiction. Visual Poetry. Wichanon Somunjarn's first feature film is a poetic retelling of incidents from the director's life against the backdrop of the turmoil in Thailand in the recent years. The film blends or I should say breaks the barrier between fiction and non-fiction and constructs visuals through a stream of consciousness.  I... Continue Reading →

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