Samskara (Impressions)

The impressions of past thoughts and actions, Samskara, is the title of a story of a woman who has been split open into past and present. For, her mind is constantly mixing the two as, the haunter and the haunted. If her past haunts her, she runs to present and present presses her to accept fear, that she is running against. Continuously challenging the realms of real and surreal, this film is a critique on the social-individual divide, Samskara symbolises the fears and terrors of a woman in a male dominated society that wants to wand off the self-dependent part in her.
Team of Directors
Rajkaran, Kashan, Akshay and Gaurav come from a marketing & communications background and are ardent cinephiles who believe in collaborating & creating films that are beyond the ordinary. Having directed  and acted in theatrical plays, these directors believe in the art of creating concepts and stories that enthrall the audio-video senses along with subtle socially relevant messages. This is their first attempt at film making.

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