If one ever wanted to see the invisible oppressive face the Man, this film makes one see ten distinct poses of patriarch power. A divorced mother navigates the Man’s world in her car while she drives her son to his grandmother’s house. It seems that the mother, in trying to convince her son to stay... Continue Reading →


Khamoshi (1969): a review

Asit Sen has directed a very strong script into a very good film. Kamal bose is the real hero of this film for his pathos filled camera work that lights up each and every frame with an uncanny appeal that forebodes what will happen at the end. And this is the real highlight of the... Continue Reading →

Korczak: a review

It is very difficult to critique a sympathetic movie that is so engrossed in its story that it leaves little or no scope for feeling anything else. Not because there is nothing to criticize about the film, but mostly everyone would have liked the film so very much! And Korczak, by Andrej Wajda, is one... Continue Reading →

F.i.g.h.t C.l.u.b

If you haven’t seen Kamal Swaroop’s cult classic Om dar badar, you still haven’t seen the best of Indian cinema. And if you are friends with him on FB, his wall is like a pandora’s box for visual art.

Tehelka Tv has been doing an interesting series called “Cinema & Me” where they talk to filmmakers of life, cinema and philosophy. The new video features Kamal Swaroop. Must Watch.

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