Thank you Delhi

It’s been a little over a year since we began our “experiment” and since this blog came into being.

We’ve been fairly successful in achieving what we set out to, but a lot of credit goes to the city of Delhi and it’s art culture. I can’t think of any other city in India that has so much to offer an art aficionado and the best part is that most of it has little or no monetary implications.
During this period, we’ve attended film festivals, theater festivals, retrospective film screenings, concerts by internationally acclaimed musicians…all for FREE!

This is not limited just to the govt. (Indian & Foreign)  sponsored events; college theater, film clubs, art enthusiasts all come together beautifully in this city to keep an art enthusiast busy right through the year and it’s absolutely fantastic and great, that money doesn’t come between artists and their audience too often.

While an artist does need to make money to survive, he/she sometimes just need to go out and perform just so they can connect with their audience and share their creative space. It’s wonderful that this still happens in these materialistic and consumerist times.
We’ve also achieved a personal milestone of sorts; after many aborted or incomplete attempts at making a film, we’ve completed our first film. You can watch it here .
For all this and more……we thank you Delhi.

If you’d like join us sometime or collaborate in anyway do drop us a line.

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