15th Bharangam Diary: notes, rants and experiences

DAY 14: 18th Jan 2013 The Colonial, the Convict & the Cockatoo Script & Direction: Arjun Raina A very intensely researched production always holds its own when it comes to what it wants to say, and where it is headed. This play was as much a crash course on Aboriginal histories with regards to colonialism... Continue Reading →


15th Bharangam Diary: notes, rants and experiences

DAY 12: 16th Jan 2013   Inspired by Blindness Based on: Blindness by Jose Saramago Adaptation & Direction: Sathya Bhama (Individual production) The novel has an apocalyptic plot where an epidemic of blindness has spread throughout and is a perfect metaphor for the degradation of society while seemingly evolving. This production was a solo performance... Continue Reading →

2012- Top 50 Hindi songs (Part 3/5) This has been a challenge to pick a few good songs (believe me it is a damn tough thing to do) and create a list of the best songs in a year. Following is the Part 3 of the best songs that managed to stick in the head... Continue Reading →

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