15th Bharangam Diary: notes, rants and experiences

DAY 6: 10th Jan 2013


Watching back to back performances, few good, many poor, is an arduous task. The brain freezes with overwhelmed sensations. I hate getting up in the middle of a play/film, no matter how bad it is. But in a festival like this, you just cannot help the urge.


Based on: Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses

Director: Kusum Haider (Yatrik, Delhi)

It is decent of Yatrik group to mention in their play hand-out that this production has been primarily directed by Mary Zimmerman herself. Not to say that she flew to Delhi to direct the bunch of convent accented English speaking actors, but that this play is similar to other productions that have been staged before in other parts of the world.

Obscene, using a word overheard after the play, is the best description. The fact that the myths of Ovid are relevant in today’s popular context is the only thing that a production of this play must explore. There is no point enacting scenes for the text. This is no Shakespeare or Tendulkar that such offense might be pardoned. Why does the NSD pantheon select such plays?

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