It’s celluloid… it’s digital…no, it’s cinema.

It probably requires a more experienced and learned mind to explore something so technical in an art form. But this technicality results in a gratification for the viewer, making him the most apt administrator of subjectivity. The argument is fairly simple; digital vs. celluloid. Like all things new, digital has its fair share of detractors... Continue Reading →


Sonapani Film Festival, March 2013

  [This post is in Hindi, Urdu and English | Ye post Hindi, Urdu aur English mein hai] Sonapani jaakar ek ajeeb si khushi ka ehsaas hota hai. ye soorat-e-haal imagine karein: Pahadon mein sarsari si thand hai aur hawa thodi khushq hai. Ek cement se bana raasta dhalta dikhta hai, jaise invite kar raha... Continue Reading →

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