15th Bharangam Diary: notes, rants and experiences

DAY 4: 8th Jan 2013 Conversations at the food hub never seem to take a constructive turn. There is talk about politics but like a performance piece, abridged and censored. There is talk about the art but that entails a lot of ego. So, essentially, what you do is eat and drink, and wait for... Continue Reading →

15th Bharangam Diary: notes, rants and experiences

DAY 3: 7th Jan 2013 Mohandas Script: Uday Prakash Director: Rajinder Nath (Theatre Repertory Company, Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, Delhi) The question of identity is a many layered puzzle that baffles a human soul everywhere on this earth. How does one define oneself? A lower class kabirpanthi? A B.A pass graduate? A son?... Continue Reading →

15th Bharangam Diary: notes, rants and experiences

To the uninitiated, Bharangam (pet for Bharat Rang Mahotsav) is the annual theater festival of National School of Drama, Delhi. This festival showcases one of the best ensemble of modern theater from India and some other countries including Poland, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Srilanka. This year there is a small, but apt, focus on popular theater... Continue Reading →

Impressive Television!

Being completely sick of television is impossible. We return back to it. Maybe to kill time, maybe to watch a cricket match, maybe because we don't want to watch a movie. Whatever the reason, its hard to get TV out of our lives. Recently I found a couple of really good channels to watch...and they... Continue Reading →

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