It was yet another hot, dusty and humid day. The drudgery of my job was making it seem more horrible than it was. I was just waiting for the hands of the clock to strike the right pose and indicate that it was time for me leave behind this world of slavery and head home.... Continue Reading →

The Book Fair

Wandering the lanes of a warm and busy labyrinth, they wondered what it would feel like to have this place for their own. And what a place it was too; a vastness so unfathomable to the two friends that even nostalgia was taking time to creep over. What was intended to be an afternoon excursion... Continue Reading →

Fire In The City

Pure, white, hot snow falling on a relentlessly glowing fire, made the night live a lifetime. It must be a miracle, of god if not science. Water is supposed to dowse whatever fire there is. It does not bother with the kind of fire; wood, charcoal, skin or heart. The absurdity of the moment was... Continue Reading →

Jaagte Raho!

Morning papers read a drop of 4 Degrees in the temperature (Exaggerating a little, 2 Degrees didn’t seem significant). Winters are about to set in the capital city. There are a lot things that this capital city is defined by; the architecture, the food, the people- segregated by the geographical landmarks such as the river... Continue Reading →

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