Life after Corona!

The year that was 2020 (#Hindsight), brought life as we knew it to a standstill, but as it is wont to, life showed us that it didn't stop. The new avatar of our little raggedy blog may show us the way to never give up the dream.Here's to new beginnings and a new decade. We've... Continue Reading →

We were on a break!

Yes, as much as we hate to admit it, we are what we see, touch, feel, observe. Hence the pop-culture reference from the once popular television sit-com. What started out as a conversation among friends who wanted to be independent artists, friends who were just a little circumspect, just a little unsure about their footing,... Continue Reading →

Review: Waters Close Over Us

Hartosh Singh Bal's 'parikrama' of the Narmada spanning many years, manifests itself in this fantastic piece of work as  part travelogue, part anthro-socio-cultural documentation, part retelling of the  modern history of central India. This broad canvas is littered with carefully placed strokes that mimic the tapestry of India and that only a keen eye could... Continue Reading →

It’s celluloid… it’s digital…no, it’s cinema.

It probably requires a more experienced and learned mind to explore something so technical in an art form. But this technicality results in a gratification for the viewer, making him the most apt administrator of subjectivity. The argument is fairly simple; digital vs. celluloid. Like all things new, digital has its fair share of detractors... Continue Reading →

15th Bharangam Diary: notes, rants and experiences

DAY 12: 16th Jan 2013   Inspired by Blindness Based on: Blindness by Jose Saramago Adaptation & Direction: Sathya Bhama (Individual production) The novel has an apocalyptic plot where an epidemic of blindness has spread throughout and is a perfect metaphor for the degradation of society while seemingly evolving. This production was a solo performance... Continue Reading →

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