27th September, 2017 Treading along in this dreamlike, illusory realm, Without looking for the traces I may have left; A cuckoo's song beckons me to return home; Hearing this, I tilt my head to see Who has told me to turn back; But do not ask me where I am going, As I travel in... Continue Reading →

Thank you Delhi

It's been a little over a year since we began our "experiment" and since this blog came into being. We've been fairly successful in achieving what we set out to, but a lot of credit goes to the city of Delhi and it's art culture. I can't think of any other city in India that has so... Continue Reading →

Striking a balance

It's quite fashionable to look down upon "entertaining art", its almost as if entertainment equals crassness. While its true that a lot of mainstream and popular art be it films, theater, music in India (for that matter the world actually) does tend to be so, its unfair to lump all forms of entertainment together. At... Continue Reading →

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