Dilli ki Sardi (this post is in Hindi)

  Lo, ek baar phir se thand aa gayi hai. Agar Dilli ke context mein is mausam ko dekha jaaye to ye aur bhi zyaada romaani aur artful lagta hai. Sirf 2-3 mahinon ki is aalas se bhari, kambal-razaai mein lipti aur dhundh se dhaki thand agar na hoti to Dilli kitna weeraan hota. Aur... Continue Reading →


Thank you Delhi

It's been a little over a year since we began our "experiment" and since this blog came into being. We've been fairly successful in achieving what we set out to, but a lot of credit goes to the city of Delhi and it's art culture. I can't think of any other city in India that has so... Continue Reading →

Jaagte Raho!

Morning papers read a drop of 4 Degrees in the temperature (Exaggerating a little, 2 Degrees didn’t seem significant). Winters are about to set in the capital city. There are a lot things that this capital city is defined by; the architecture, the food, the people- segregated by the geographical landmarks such as the river... Continue Reading →

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