The Book Fair

Wandering the lanes of a warm and busy labyrinth, they wondered what it would feel like to have this place for their own. And what a place it was too; a vastness so unfathomable to the two friends that even nostalgia was taking time to creep over. What was intended to be an afternoon excursion... Continue Reading →


Celebrating Mohan Rakesh’s birthday with Miss Pal

Its 8th January and its Mohan Rakesh's birthday. One of the greatest Hindi playwrights. Just to avoid an argument, will change that to 'modern' Hindi playwright. Here's a short story of his, Miss Pal, translated in English. Miss Pal.docx - click to download

Jaagte Raho!

Morning papers read a drop of 4 Degrees in the temperature (Exaggerating a little, 2 Degrees didn’t seem significant). Winters are about to set in the capital city. There are a lot things that this capital city is defined by; the architecture, the food, the people- segregated by the geographical landmarks such as the river... Continue Reading →

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